2.5 - Installing Optional Utilities

2.5 - Installing Optional Utilities #

2.5.1 Lab Objectives #

By the end of this lab you should be able to:

  • (Optional) Install additional tools using winget.

2.5.2 Installing extra tools #

These are not all directly used but are very useful to have in your forensics toolbox. Use a PowerShell 7 window now to install these tools with winget:

winget install -e --id Python.Python.3.11 --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements && winget install -e --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements --id Git.Git && winget install -e --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements --id 7zip.7zip && winget install -e --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements --id Notepad++.Notepad++ && winget install -e --accept-source-agreements --accept-package-agreements --id Google.Chrome && winget install -e --id EclipseAdoptium.Temurin.18.JDK && winget install -e --id Microsoft.VisualStudio.2022.BuildTools && winget install -e --id DBBrowserForSQLite.DBBrowserForSQLite && winget install -e --id JernejSimoncic.Wget && winget install -e --id icsharpcode.ILSpy && winget install -e --id Hex-Rays.IDA.Free

What does this install?

    1. Python 3.11
    1. Git
    1. 7zip
    1. Notepad++
    1. Google Chrome
    1. EclipseAdoptium.Temurin.18.JDK
    1. VisualStudio.2022.BuildTools
    1. DBBrowserForSQLite
    1. wget
    1. ILSpy Cross-Platform .NET Decompiler
    1. IDA Free