2.2 - Installing VirtualBox With Winget

2.2 - Installing VirtualBox With Winget #

For the lab work we will demonstrate using VirtualBox. VirtualBox is free to use and comes with all the features that we need in this course. It also runs across multiple platforms, Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

2.2.1 Lab Objectives #

By the end of this lab you should be able to:

  • Install VirtualBox using winget.

2.2.2 Installing VirtualBox with winget #

  1. Open a command prompt, to check if you have winget installed, run the following: winget -v
  2. To search for the package you want to install: winget search virtualbox
  3. You should see the package line item for VirtualBox and install with the following command. winget install -e --id Oracle.VirtualBox

Pay attention to the version number in winget and the latest version available, winget is not always up to date with packages.